i have a server installed with a 4 GB boot partition (with the system files) or the C: drive.
the disk is near the capacity, only few mb left.
the server is a w2k3 dc server with sp1 installed, exchange db files are on the second partiion D:
i want to change the raid5 config of 3 18GB drives to a mirror of 2 x72GB.
the intention is to keep the 2 partitions but with a greater boot partion of 16GB.

the server is the only dc in the domain
exchange is installed on the server too (i know it is not the m$ preferred solution)

what should i do best ?

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i would backup anything crucial   exchange etc. and rebuild completely, you run way to many risks trying to repartition and change your RAID config

i wouldnt even take the chance myself. it also gives you the oppurtunity to have exchange properly installed and a clean install of windows also
I agree. Rebuild. Too many things can go wrong here and it will be more trouble than its worth. Best bet is to rebuild.
McRightAuthor Commented:
none of the proposed solutions was intended to answer the question, but gave alternative solutions.
i prefer a question delete here.
PAQed with no points refunded (of 250)

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