does sqldatasource insert method return anything like primary key?

i have a primary key column that is uniqueidentifier and has default to newID() or I have another table with autoincrment set to 1 for a primary key column of type int.  I was just wondering when using vs2005 and calling the insert method using the sqldatasource object if i can find out what key value the database assigned to the new row that was inserted?  i have tried cating the sqldatasource inserted event and not sure if the answer is in there or not?
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Have you tried using output parameters? These can be used to get the identity after the insert. I could find one example on the web of this.

the bit to note is the part:

          <asp:Parameter Name="contactName" Type="String" />
          <asp:Parameter Direction="Output" Name="contactID" Type="Int32" Size="4" />

This uses a stored procedure to do the insert, which will assign @@IDENTITY to the parameter @contactID after the insert.

By the way, you want to be careful about using @@IDENTITY. It can, under certain circumstances, return a different identity value as it has server-level scope. Have a look at this to start off with understanding @@IDENTITY, SCOPE_IDENTITY() and IDENT_CURRENT() as well as INSERT ... OUTPUT:
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