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D-Link Wireless Network Card - Installing & Re-Installing

I'm having problems with my D-Link DWL-G510 wireless network adapter.  When you first install the card, you have to install the drivers first, and then install the card. Since my father's computer is basically a load of garbage, I've had to reinstall his Windows XP several times in the past few weeks.  It turns out that the same applies when you re-install windows - you'd have to remove the card first, then install windows and the drivers, and then install the card.

Basically, what happens if you don't is that whenever you boot up, Windows can never find the network - it says Network Connection unavailable.  If you uninstall the card and reinstall it, then you have to re-enter the WEP key, which is long and getting quite annoying (although I've pretty much memorized it by now).  An easier solution is to disable the connection and enable it again in the Network Connections folder. But my father isn't exactly the most computer-friendly, and this can be a difficult task for him.

His solution is to leave his computer on 24/7 (which generally decreases the life of your hard drive, no?). But this isn't much of a solution.

Now, basically, the question is, how do I COMPLETELY uninstall this network card and its drivers and everything (not only from device manager, but from the registry and everything)?  The only solution I've found is to reinstall windows, but I really don't want to do that again.
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Have you checked the dlink website to see if newer drivers are available? Sounds like a bug with an earlier version of the driver...
bjdoumaAuthor Commented:
That's not quite the answer I was looking for.  It doesn't appear to be a driver problem at all, just the order of operations.  The driver works fine if you install that first, then the card. But my question is, how do I do a complete uninstall/reinstall..?
Simple enough
1. Remove the card from Hardware Manager Delete the card.
2. Shutdown
3. Remove the card.
4, Reboot the computer
5. Run Registry First Aid if you have or start digging into the regisrtey and remove the refernces to the card. There should only be avout 200 of them.
6. Reboot, then shutdown
7. Install the card.
8. Reboot
9 Install drivers

OF course you may have abad card. did you test it on another computer?


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