How to replicate to an offsite server?

We have a domino server that is currently replicating to another domino server offsite in another network.  The owners of the other network informed us that there is a database on our server that pushes to their server.

They told me the name of the database that we are pushing.  I see the database but cannot find any "replication" settings that are tied to it.

I would like to find where this is configured on my server.
Where would I find these settings on my server?
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Hi bctek,

What version of Lotus Notes are you using?

This is for 6.5.3.

When in Lotus Notes Client, click   FILE  |  DATABASE  |  OPEN

In the top drop down box select your server

In the bottom box ( FILENAME ) type    names.nsf    and press enter.

from memory R5 is slightly different from here on...  ( I think CONFIGURATION is called something else? )

Click CONFIGURATION   |  click SERVERS  |  click CONNECTIONS  |  in the right hand pane you should see:


Double click OTHERPEOPLES SERVER  and move to the REPLICATION / ROUTING TAB.   The field FILES / DIRECTORIES PATHS TO REPLICATE is where you should find the database name  ( IF IT IS ALREADY SETUP. )

If you have no connection documents from YOURSERVER  to OTHERPEOPLES SERVER you may need to create one..  Let me know. Hope this helps you out!


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The first place to look would be a connection document.  These are found in the public address book under Configuration \ Servers \ Connections

There should be a connection document which connects to their server.  
bctekAuthor Commented:
ok I did what you suggested broad.  I found the destination server in the replication document listed as ClaNotes.  in the Replication/Routing tab, under "Files To Replicate" it lists the file that is being replicated, the task is Enabled, and it is Pull Push.  However, it doesn't show where it is going.  All I see is CalNotes, but no TCP/IP information for CalNotes.  

here is what I see:

So I indeed have a connection to CalNotes, but what is CalNotes?  As far as I know it could be any server on the internet.  Where can I find the information about what ClaNotes is?

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You can check if your server can resolve CalNotes by typing this on the console  ( do you know how to bring up console? )  Or go direct to your server and type it into the black domino window itself.

trace "CalNotes-P1/Cal/Global"   <HIT ENTER>   this will let us know if the connection is valid...

When you type the above in   INCLUDING the "  's    does it return   Connected to  CalNotes-P1/Cal/Global  or something similar?

Email your contact and find out if this is their Domino Server Name....

Thanks for the image ;)

bctekAuthor Commented:
hi.  Thanks for helping me with this.  I did everything and it could not find that server.  Here is a screenshot of my console:

i'm baffled here because this remote tenant called me yesterday and told me that we are replicating our database to them and I had no clue we were doing so (was configured like this for a few years before I arrived here).  
bctekAuthor Commented:
would I find a log entry anywhere of successful replication?  I'm not convinced that we are replicating anything to them!  Lets assume that this tenant is correct and we are replicating...where would evidence of a successful replication be located?

Have you checked your connection document to the server that the db is replicating to as mshogren suggested. Within the connection document under ther routing/replication tab you'll see the the Files/Directory Paths to Replicate, you'll see the db in this field or if it is empty, then any common db that both servers have in common will replicate.
Also did you check the replication section of the Server log ?

It should show any replication taking place.

I hope this helps !
Good call SysExpert - is there ANY history of replication with that server ( check log.nsf -- Replication Events )

Gday BCTek,

Did you sort out your problem?  What was it?


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