Advice on migration 2003 DC and Exchange 2003

OK experts I got a fairly big project coming up and would like any tips and tricks to help make it go as smooth as possible.

Original setup

1. File server  2000 also acts as GC, DC
2. Exchange 2000
3. Citrix box

New setup

1. File server 2003 r2  GC, DC
2. Windows 2003 r2  Exchange 2003
3. Presentation Server 4.0


On original Domain

1.  Run  adprep /domainprep    adprep /forest prep
2. Join new 2003 GC, DC and let AD replicate
3. Transfer FSMO roles let stabilize - transfer files and folders
4. Demote old server
5. Add New Exchange server as member server install and update Exchange
6. Use Exchange 2003 Migration Wizard to test then move mailboxes
7. Demote old Exchange box
8. Add Presentation server to new domain make DC
9. Let AD replicate
10. Re setup apps and let it fly!

Please critique this plan and add any real world knowledge on what and how you would do it different.
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While it's specifically targeted at SBS migrations, the information from:

has generally applicable to what you're doing as well.  Especially the Exchange migration stuff.  The Technician kit us $200 but it was worth 10X that amount.  Highly recommended!
Here is how I would do it, granted your way will work just fine as well

1). Setup/Patch your W2k3 server and join the domain
2). Run dcpromo, reboot, then transfer the FSMO roles to W2k3 server
3). Run adprep /forestprep & adprep /domain prep
4). Setup/Patch your E2k3 Server and join it to the domain
5). Install E2k3 into your existing Org
6). Move mailboxes and verify clients are rehomed
7). Make sure old W2k server has no FSMO roles then power it down
8). Stop any exchange services on old E2k server, verify all is still well
9). Uninstall E2k from old server, removing it from Org
10). Power down old E2k server
11). Setup/Patch new Citrix server, join it to domain
12). Run dcpromo on Citrix server to make it a DC (optional step)
13). Reinstall apps and viola.

- SaP -

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Oh Yeah, I forgot one thing..

Step 0 : Run backup


- SaP -
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...and switch step 2 and 3...since you can't promote a 2003 server into 2000 AD without first running adprep on the forest and domain.
> 7). Make sure old W2k server has no FSMO roles then power it down

This being the old DC right? Do not just power it down. Run dcpromo on it to demote it, otherwise you'll have to clean up the remains from your AD metabase manually.

Otherwise everything seems fine. If you want to know what MS itself says of the issue, have a look at the Windows Server 2003 Deployment Kit, especially the Designing and Deploying Directory and Security Services chapter:
jasonduncan76Author Commented:
Thanks for everyones comments ... I will be doing the upgrade at the end of the month and let you know how it goes.
jasonduncan76Author Commented:
Question about the exchange server. When I set it up do tell it to join the exsiting exchange or create a new one?
Join the existing one. After that you can just move the mailboxes to the new server:
Jar3817 : Right, switch step 2 and 3, I had them reversed

CoccoBill : Power down the old DC and make sure everything works properly before dcpromo'ing it outta the Forest, if you remove it before verifying all is well your Forest may end up in an unstable state

Yes, join the existing organization as stated above in step 5

- SaP -
jasonduncan76Author Commented:
Hope you guys are up. I am trying to run adprep on my GC,DC and it gives me an error of Q325379 error with exchange 2000 schema. I have checked with Microsoft Website and it tells me to download a hot fix, but I cannot find where to get it. Any ideas or workarounds please let me know!
you need to fix your schema, try this:

ldifde.exe /i /f inetOrgPersonFix.ldf /c "DC=your,DC=addomain,DC=name"

You'll find the inetOrgPersonFix.ldf file on the 2003 cd in: \support\tools\

Obviously change the DC=.... part to match your ad domain name
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