FTP Folder Error

A couple days ago I mapped "ftp://username@danley.org" in Windows Explorer.  It is my account at my web host.  Worked great; I could see all my folders and could navigate as if the files were local.  This is a Windows XP Pro machine.  The next day I did the same thing at work on my Windows 2000 machine.  Also, no problem.  I was excited to have a drive "between" my work computer and my home computer.

Now my home computer gives me the following message.  My work computer still....works.  I don't know what changed on the home machine.


"FTP Folder Error" "Windows cannot access this folder.  Make sure you typed the file name correctly and that you have permission to access the folder."  "Details: The FTP session was terminated".

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Have you enabled the Windows Firewall on your home computer? I've seen problems caused with some kinds of ftp sessions with the firewall enabled no matter what ports are in the exception list etc.
See if this MS KBA helps:
"Internal clients cannot use Internet Explorer to access FTP sites through Microsoft Proxy Server or Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000":

Also may want to check to make sure your concurrent connection count is greater then 1 for your ftp server. If you are using different FTP software at home then office, you could also have an active/passive ftp config issue to change. If you are connecting with a different username/pass, you will have to make sure the permissioning is correct.

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bulletboyAuthor Commented:
Kenneniah - Yes, but it was working with the current Windows Firewall configuration.

Jonvee - Thank you.  I had read that KBA earlier.  "Enable folder view for FTP sites" was checked when it was working.

Computron - I think you may be on to something.  I don't know how to change the concurrent connection count on the ftp server.  I'm going to log off of my work computer when I leave tomorrow evening and see if I can then log on here at home.  I can FTP from home if I use FileZilla but not Windows Explorer.
bulletboyAuthor Commented:
I logged off my computer at work and still get the same message at home.
This link may help.    Scroll down to "Set maximum concurrent users for a site":  

 .. which links to  >>
bulletboyAuthor Commented:
I sent a support email to my web host hoping they could help.  They replied, "Then refresh the site.  This can be a cacheing issue.  If the browser believes it is still within the same session, you will continuously get this error.  You can do CTRL+F5, or clear your browsers cache."

That didn't work but it made me think perhaps it's something with Windows (my XP laptop works) so I rebooted.  Voila!

Thank you for all your help.
Thanks for the update, glad you've resolved it.
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