Infected w/ http controlled botnet, looking for url scanner

A friend of mine has been infected by what we assume is a zombie trojan running off a http control panel.  Before he wipes it, however, he wants to find out what it is to see if he can remove it manually, and setup a trap for the botnet owner.   So what we're looking for is a program that can randomly go through all possible urls on the host machine till it hits a paydirt, or more preferably, till it finds one that is different from the others.  I was rather surprised at the relative lack of such utilities on google searches, so i was wondering if anyone here knows where one can be found.
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Let me first state my warning : If you are not a Security Expert, ignore the below instructions and remove the infection and move on, pissing off a botnet owner is about as brilliant as throwing a rock at a bull.

1). Unplug machine from the net
2). Install a packet sniffer such as ethereal
3). Fire up sniffer and watch for outbound connection attempts
4). Look at packet contents, should include clear text authentication, name of IRC channel and any initial commands used by bot.
5). If traffic is encrypted
6). Fire up dissassembler such as Softice, NuMega Smartcheck (if its a vb app), gdb, etc.
7). Attempt to locate said irc channel and authentication tokens within binary, good luck, if you've never done it before, time to move on.

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Hi ds612,

If you get rid of the infection try this :

Run Ewido :

Download, Install, Update the Database definitions and do a scan. Post the report in here ...

After that Let's take a look at your system :

Go to and download the file, run and save a log file.

Post the log file at and click analyse. Go to the end of the report and save the analyzed file. Post the link to the analysed log in here.

About :

>>looking for url scanner

It is a legal software ??

ds612Author Commented:
Oh no, it's almost certain he's infected, and i've tried most normal methods.  We have one that might possibly identify it, but as i've stated he wants to get back at the botnet owner before he gets rid of it.  It's his own peculiar sense of justice.  And as for the legality, i don't see why not?  
It's his machine, and there already exists port scanners, and brute force for almost every document encryption imaginable, which are legal to use as long as you own the machien/documents in question.    Removing it isn't going to be a problem, as his computer needs to be wiped and re-installed anyway.
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