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I am looking to add a label design and printing capability to my website and I would prefer to buy rather than build.  

The features that are important to me:
-  Allow web users to visually layout the label including fields that merge from a database
-  Allow web users to use pre-defined Avery or other templates
-  Batch output to PDF or similar file
-  Allow me as a developer to define what data records to include when merging into output file
-  ColdFusion is prefered as I am a CF developer but I would look at other platforms too (Java, ActiveX, COM)

I have seen a product called Active Label that appears to be what I am looking for, so if anyone has used this I would be interested in hearing your thoughts.

Thanks for taking the time,
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There is a CF Custom tag called CF_AveryRTF that outputs to an RTF file that you can open in Word.  It's quite simple and I've been using it for some time now.  Best of's free.

From it's description:

 Generates more than 50 label types (e.g. mailing, biz cards, name tags)
 Supports USPS barcodes for reduced postage fees (domestic only)
 Supports per-line attributes such as font face, font size, and boldness
 Optionally strips unwanted blank lines and hidden tabs
 Converts manual line breaks to RTF line breaks
 Interfaces easily with databases for mass-printing
 Optional batch mode writes output straight to disk for frequent/automated jobs
 Includes full VTM support for ColdFusion Studio and HomeSite integration
 Support for automatic labeltype updates over HTTP
 Uses new Macromedia ColdFusion 5 features (but can be slightly edited to run under ColdFusion 4.5)

You can find it in Adobe's (Macromedia's) developer exchange:

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sjaeger949Author Commented:
Thank you for the response.  I did see that component in the DevEx, but since it did not have the custom label design feature kept looking.  I would like to use a custom tag for sure so maybe I can get around my custom needs.  Do you know if it is easy to add non Avery templates for the tag to use?  For example could I come up with my own configuration for the label (size, margins, number per page) and use it in the tag?

It is very customizable.  I'm pretty sure you can change the number of labels per page and the margins.  Not sure about the size, although there are over 50 differerent Avery styles.  Your best bet would be to download it and play around with it a little.

It's actually a set of 4 custom tags that all work together.  You build the sheet by nesting the tags:

Here are a couple examples provided in the ZIP file:

<cf_cf_averyrtf labeltype="5160" labeltitle="Test Tag Generated from RTF VTM" fontsize="8">
                        <cfoutput query="qrySelectAddresses">
                        <cf_cf_averycell zipcode="#ZipCode#">
                        #FirstName# #LastName##chr(10)#
                        #City#, #State# #ZipCode#


<cf_cf_averyrtf labeltype="5160" labeltitle="Test Tag Generated from RTF VTM" fontsize="8">
                <cf_cf_averycell zipcode="94107">
                  <cf_cf_averyline fontsize="12" content="Brian 'BACFUG' Ghidinelli">
                  <cf_cf_averyline fontsize="10" content="650 Delancey Street Ste 112">
                  <cf_cf_averyline fontsize="10" content="San Francisco, CA 94107">
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