Need case and power supply for ASUS A8V motherboard

Hi -

I am building my first computer, and need help finding the right parts for my motherboard.  I ordered a case and power supply without even thinking about whether or not they would fit in the case, and they didn't.  500 points to whoever can recommend a good case and power supply to go with this board.  Exchanging the board itself is not an option for me.

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Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
Any ATX case will work fine.   This is a very nice one with a reasonable power supply included:

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All you need is a standard ATX case.
It should say "ATX", or "Full ATX", or "Standard ATX" somewhere in the ad.
If it says "micro ATX" or "uATX" or "mATX" or "BTX" that ain't it.
Those are for mini motherboards only and your is a full ATX.

I'd go with a beefier PSU than the 250 Watt they recomend though.
Here is a power supply calculator.

Here is a great place to shop.

how about a fancy one ?

btw, when you select the case WITH power supply, calculate first the powerr you need here :
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