I''m trying to get my server2005 app running under IIS 6.  The DB connection is working fine in visual studio environment, but when I try and access the DB through localhost, it crashes, saying that NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE is not a valid login.

I grant access to the NT Authority user using the following code:


exec sp_grantdbaccess N'NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE'

and then the login error stops.  BUT, now it throws an error saying that the stored procedure 'x' doesn't exist.  The sproc clearly exists, and I've confirmed that it's still attempting to access the correct DB.  Do I also have to grant access to the SPROCS?

Any insight is appreciated.


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if you grant access to a user you have to then give it priviledges within SQLServer

Give the SQL user execute permissions on the stored procedure and see if it can then find sproc 'x'


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even if this should solve your problem, it is absolutely dangerous.
Anyone that connects to your localhost from a remote machine will be able to execute your pages and gains access to the database.
Better would be to impersonate the database connection by reading the user credentials in your ASP.NET code and changing the connection strings
your app uses to SSPI=true.
this way you won't have  a security preach between your network security and SQL Server security


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