Dell Axim X5 on ActiveSync V. 3.7 gets "No Partnerships" and "Not connected" error messages.

OS: Windows XP Pro
PDA: Dell Axim X5
Installed Software: Microsoft Outlook 2002, Microsoft ActiveSync 3.7

I have tried uninstalling & reinstalling Outlook and ActiveSync, no joy.

Before, when I plugged my USB cable into the PDA, the computer would say that it recognized the PDA. The ActiveSync icon used to turn green, but now it just sits there.

Now, when I connect the PDA, it doesn't even say that it's recognizing the PDA. It just sits there. And when I double-click on the icon, it says "No Partnerships" and "Not connected".

Let me know what to do. I'd like to get this working again. Thanks.

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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Have you tried these stages?  (Note especially stage 5 in removing Activesync)

Remember whan reinstalling to treat Activesync as a driver so install first, then attach the X5.

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In my iPac I have to tick/check mark in the Start | ActiveSync | Tools |Options | Enable synchronization
Check if you have something similar to that.

Again, did you configure the firewall to allow the correct ports for ActiveSync?

Here is the troubleshooting guide

hope it solves your problem.
Otherwise you might need to talk to Dell

if you dont have important stuff on the phone then i would hard reset the phone (or you can backup your important files). The activesync database files in your phone probably got messed up.

The Dell Axim can be hard reset by performing the following procedure: With the unit turned off, press and hold the power button at the top of the unit. While holding the down power button, use the stylus tip to press the aforementioned "Reset" button. Hold both buttons down for approximately five second; the screen will fade. The unit will power back on and display a menu to confirm the hard reset. To continue to reset the Axim, press the "Contacts" button - to cancel the reset, press the "E-Mail" button. If you select the "Contacts" button, The Axim will now be as it was when it left the factory and you can start fresh.

If that doesnt work try installing

Activesync 3.8
Didier VallySystems Engineer and Finance AnalystCommented:
You have to use ActiveSync 3.8
coderlenAuthor Commented:
I tried everything I could think of to get my computer to recognize this Dell Axim. I tried all of the suggestions posted here, EXCEPT the hard reset. I needed to keep the data on the Axim.

No matter what I did, it wouldn't recognize the Axim. When I first installed ActiveSync, Windows recognizeed the Axim, and said that the device is installed. However, ActiveSync kept saying "No partnerships Not connected". I thought that the USB cable might be damaged, but Windows recognized the device, so it couldn't have been the cable.

I turned off Windows Firewall, no change. I DID have ZoneAlarm installed, but I uninstalled it just to make sure no firewalls were getting in the way. Still, same problem.

I have uninstalled both Outlook and ActiveSync, and then reinstalled them both again. I even downloaded and installed ActiveSync 3.8. Same problem.

Then, in desperation I re-read the link provided by MASQUERAID, and way down at the bottom, at the very last, after all else has failed, it says: " NOTE: In the event you are unable to get the Axim to synchronize after completing the steps outlined above, perform a soft reset on the unit." That did it! It started syncing right away.

But, I was not done. Some of the data synchronized, but not the most important information, like my Calendar and my Contacts. After the sync was done, I got this error: "Synchronization cannot start because this desktop computer cannot access necessary information." I Googled for this error, and was led in the right direction, but not to the right tree.

Finally, I went into Outlook and clicked on Tools->Options, and then clicked on the Mail Setup tab. Then I clicked the "Data Files..." button. This showed all the files which Outlook is trying to access when it starts up. It turns out that I had 4 "Personal Folders" folders listed there. Outlook was getting confused and was picking the wrong files for my data. I had 2 of these Personal Folders which had exactly the same information in them.

One of these "Personal Folders" folders had "Mail delivery location" in the Comment column. I decided to highlight and delete this folder. But it wouldn't let me, since this was the default location. Outlook said "You may not delete your default data file. You must select a different data file as your default delivery location before deleting the current one. Go to Tools / Email Accounts to select a different delivery location."

So I renamed the other "Personal Folders" folder to "Current Installation Folders" so I wouldn't get confused. Then, following the above instructions in my error message, I simply changed the default delivery location to the "Current Installation Folders" folder, without deleting the other "Personal Folders" folder. Now, the default folder was the "Current Installation Folders" folder.

It is very important, BEFORE you synchronize, that you make sure that you know which device has the most current data. Otherwise, the data will be lost. Within ActiveSync, go to Tools->Options, and click on the Rules tab. Here, you tell ActiveSync which data should be replaced by data on the other device. Under Conflict Resolution, Desktop, you can choose from 3 options:
- Leave the item unresolved
- Always replace the item on my device
- Always replace the item on this computer

In order to keep from deleting any data, it is most wise to choose "Leave the item unresolved". Later, when you open up Outlook and see duplicates, you can choose one of the other 2 options, when you are sure of what data should be replacing what. Don't do what I did and leave it as "Always replace the item on my device". I did, and unfortunately I lost some of my data. Permanently, I might add. I should have chosen "Always replace the item on this computer", since my Axim had more current data.

I restarted Outlook, reconmnected my Axim, and it started synchronizing the Calendar and Contacts information!

Now, about points. None of the respondents came up with exactly what I needed. But MASQUERAID's link did have the solution, at the very, very bottom. Anyway, I'm splitting points as follows:

umahesh - 100
Mikal613 - 100

Thanks for all your posts.

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