Masking the & in a URL variable

My code is of the records that shows up in my URL variable is the cable network A&E.  However the '&' is screwing up my search queries in my URL variable for 'networks'.  I'm sure this is an easy fix but if someone can point me in the right direction I'd be grateful.  Thanks

<cfif isdefined("form.submit") and form.submit EQ "Search Units">
<cflocation url="unit_search_results.cfm?">
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Renante EnteraSenior PHP DeveloperCommented:
Hi tags266!

In this case, you will have to use CF functions URLEncodedFormat() and URLDecode() to resolve your problem.

For your reference, simply visit the following :
  URLEncodedFormat -
  URLDecode -

So, the code will be like this :
<!--- use URLEncodedFormat() first before sending it as value of you url parameters --->
<cfif isdefined("form.submit") and form.submit EQ "Search Units">
  <cfset newCity = URLEncodedFormat(>
  <cfset newSubregion = URLEncodedFormat(form.subregion)>
  <cfset newNetwork = URLEncodedFormat(>
  <cfset newTimeslot = URLEncodedFormat(form.timeslot)>

  <cflocation url="unit_search_results.cfm?city=#newCity#&subregion=#newSubregion#&network=#newNetwork#&timeslot=#newTimeslot#">

Then, on your "unit_search_results.cfm" :
<!--- use URLDecode() first before using its value as condition(s) on your query statement --->
  <cfset newCity = URLDecode(url.newCity )>
  <cfset newSubregion = URLDecode(url.newSubregion )>
  <cfset newNetwork = URLDecode(url.newNetwork )>
  <cfset newTimeslot = URLDecode(url.newTimeslot )>

  <!--- Then your query statement will follow ... --->

I hope that this helps you.  Just try it.

eNTRANCE2002 :-)

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tags266Author Commented:
Thanks entrance..that's it.  sorry for the late points...i've increased them for you...just one thing was wrong with your <cflocation url which was confusing me...

This is what you wrote:
cflocation url="unit_search_results.cfm?city=#newCity#&subregion=#newSubregion#&network=#newNetwork#&timeslot=#newTimeslot#">

It should be:
cflocation url="unit_search_results.cfm?newcity=#newCity#&newsubregion=#newSubregion#&newnetwork=#newNetwork#&newtimeslot=#newTimeslot#">
Renante EnteraSenior PHP DeveloperCommented:
Hi tags266!

I apologize for that minor mistake.  Anyway, I'm glad that you've seen it.

BTW, thanks for the points and grade. I'm glad that I have helped you.  Hope to help you again...

eNTRANCE2002 :-)
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