Workstation time out

Hi all,

Strange one for ya's...

Win XP client 4.91,  20 odd netware servers, mostly NW 6.5 and a couple
of 6.0..

Timesync on the servers is all fine, and if I do a "time" on each
server the time is correct and they're all exactly the same.

However, some workstations clocks (not all!) are about 5 minutes

I'm buggered if I can work out why.   By default client workstations
pick up time during login - this is a default netware configuration and
I haven't changed any of client settings in relation to time.   I don't
have any lines in the login script relating to time.

Can anyone give me any pointers for what to look at ?


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This may have already been covered.  Take a look at:

ShineOn outlines setting up your netware servers to use a ntp server.  PsiCop gives details on your win32 client settings.
does this help?
floyd99Author Commented:
Thanks blcarter..
I'd already seen that thread actually, but thanks :)

"Set station time" on the clients is set to on already, as that's the default option.

One server is set as a Single type, and that server gets its time via NTP from an internet source.  If I look at the timesync debug screen, it is polling the external NTP with no errors.
All other servers in the tree are Secondary types and point back to the Single.

The time on the Single and all the Secondary's is correct.  It's as though either Netware is handing the wrong time down, or... well, no idea!

I just noticed the time on my desktop PC is out by 5 minutes, but my laptop is correct.  The difference - my laptop is booted every day, my desktop has been running about a week since a reboot.   So, I just rebooted my desktop and the time is now correct.  Maybe there's some drifting or something happening ?

I'll keep tabs on my desktop's time and see what happens.   I'll also ask a few questions from end users who are reporting the same issue as to their PC boot habits.

Turn off the stupid Windows Time service.  It's probably picking up the wrong time from some Windoze server on your LAN.
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The thought that time drift is happening makes sense too, if there are no Windoze servers passing their time to the WinXP boxes.  The "set station time" only takes place at login, so the longer between logins, the better chance the workstations' time will drift.

You could leverage the stupid Windows Time service instead of turning it off, by pointing to NetWare as the time source.  I kinda touched on that in the PAQ blcarter14 linked to.
floyd99Author Commented:
I'm not entirely sure that they are getting it from a windows box... i mean, they're not configured to.

I did think about pointing the windows time service to netware.  I'll leave it a few days and see - I'm curious what happens to my PC now that I rebooted it yesterday.   Today the time is still fine.

Why the time would drift I'm perplexed.  And the interesting thing is, the users that are reporting this to me do actually shut their PC's down every day (unlike me).

Certainly very odd...
The "windows time" service kinda runs automatically in the background, chatting up a storm looking for a Windows server to get its time from.   They're automatically running in "peer" mode, too, so they can use a consensus of a bunch of workstations to set their time, IIRC.

As an experiment, try shutting off the service on a couple of the ones that are drifting, and see if they still drift.  If it's a Windows server thing, then the ones that don't have the service disabled will change their time within an hour of logging on.

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