convert access queries into sql server stored procedure

please help me how can i convert access queries into sql server stored procedure. in simplest way please help.
I have sql server 8.5 installed. thanks
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Anthony PerkinsCommented:
In very general terms here are some of the differences:
MS Access                                    MS SQL Server
Double quotes for literals            Single quotes for literals
IIF                                                Case
IsNull(Expresion)                        Expresion Is Null
Nz                                                IsNull
Now()                                          GetDate()
&                                                +
Mod()                                          &
* (wildcard)                              %
ASC()                                          ASCII()
Format()                                    Cast(), Convert()
Fix(), Int, Cint()                        Ceiling(), Floor()
InStr()                                          CharIndex(), PatIndex()
^                                                Power()
String()                                    Replicate()
Mid()                                          SubString()
Chr()                                          Char()
LCase(), UCase()                        Lower(), Upper()
Sgn()                                          Sign()
Sqr()                                          Sqrt()
Rnd()                                          Rand()

In addition all the Date functions (DATEADD, DATEDIFF, DATENAME, DATEPART) are slightly syntactically different.
You cannot use aliases from columns in other expressions or even the WHERE clause.
The Update statement use a different syntax when joining tables.

No doubt there are many more differences that I have overlooked.  Try and get hold of an old artticle from MSDN that describes how to migrate from MS Acesss to MS SQL Server.
Anthony PerkinsCommented:
Unfortunately there is no wizard to do this.  Only hand coding.

P.S. I suspect you mean SQL Server 2000.  (there is no 8.5)
JackOfPHAuthor Commented:
A comparison between an Access query and SQL Server stored procedure is not really meaningful.  The equivalent objects are:

Access Select Query  --> SQL Server View
Access Action Query --> TSQL Script
Access Subroutine -->  SQL Server Stored Procedure
Access Function --> SQL Server Stored Function

Acperkins offers a good shortlist, but they are generally differences between the built-in functions and language syntax provided by the database engine and/or scripting language (VBA --> TSQL).


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