New home build computer would power up monitor.

Hello all,
I just built my first computer and it seemed to go really well.
From home I used my Dell flat panel monitor as I installed the Operating system and applications.
I then cushioned it very carefully and drove it to my Dads house to give to him as a gift.
When I hooked it up to his Compaq monitor it wouldn’t turn on his monitor during the boot process.
I checked all my connections and even replace the video card. He had two monitors so I hooked it up to that one and the same thing occurred.
Although the fans were running I didn’t hear the hard drive making the normal sounds it normally would make during the boot up.

I bought the PC back home and hooked it back up to my Dell flat screen and to my surprise it didn’t activate that screen either.

Now comes the really strange part. I disconnected the hard drive and the screen monitor turned on displaying a message that the storage media device was not present.
I turned it off and hooked to drive back up, rebooted and everything worked normally.

I then hooked it back up to my Dad’s compact tube type monitor and it also ran perfectly and has been for several hours now.

So it appears that disconnecting the hard drive and then reconnecting it reset something and now everything is working. I know the connections were properly tight to begin with but because I checked them when I went to my Dads house the first time.

Something happed between the time I finished loading my last application and the time I drove it to my Dads house and hooked it up to his existing monitor.

Everything in this computer is new, from the power supply to the mother board, CPU and other devices as well.

The only thing that isn’t new is the hard drive itself. It’s about 2 years old. It’s a Sata drive I pulled out of Dell Dimension 8300.

But up until the time I hooked it up to the Compaq I had zero problems.

Since it’s working now I’m not asking for a fix but some kind of reasonable explanation as to why re setting the hard drive at least for the moment has fixed this problem.


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This is what i like to call hardware painindassability, but seriously i build pc,s all day mod xboxs at night, occasionally somthing will glitch, ie ram became slightly loose, and pc will not start, but by just taking the memory out and reseating works fine, one explantion in your case is that a poor connection to the sata interface on the h/dd caused the computer to sit in limbo.

by just reseating the sata cable, you have made a better connection and likely you will not have a prob in future, whenever i have a hardware fault, Check your SCO "Security Condition Operation" of your parts,in a nutshell check all your connections and physically inspect all parts.

hope this helps and you dont have any further issues with the hardware in the near future

Hi Tplayer,

I agree with elitehaxor, it would be some problem with RAM (of slightly loose) and HDD cable.

If it comes again then kindly pull out your RAM and clean it's METTLE LEAD with Eraser and then again plugged it in SLOT.

And for the HDD, you have to ensure its tightness in slot, IF it not boots.

And also take care for the 1ST beep of machine when you give it power.

Hope everything would be fine in future...

Have a nice time...!

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Any kind of electrical contact can have a bad connection.
SATA connectors are known to be problematic.
You basically had a loose plug.
i think too that the sata plug can have caused it, most do not have any kind if locking mechanism, and come off rather easily. This can have happened during your drive to your dad's.
Does your video card have tv-out? Sometimes the boot screen will load up on the tv instead of the monitor, simply turning off the PSU then back on usually solves the problem!

Have you re-attached the old SATA drive to check if it now works?
There has been a major change you made between the last installation and the boot at the new location,  A Move!.

Then you reopened the case, and possibly checked cables, suspected the older drive was the problem, disconnected it and booted.
I'm sure you have looked at all cables if they were fixed nicely, and by doing this reconnected the faulty wire(s).
If this has been the cause, you may expect it to happen again in the future. Because of heat and cooling the components shrink and expands a little, and may again get disconnected or faulty connections.

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TplayerAuthor Commented:
> And also take care for the 1ST beep of machine when you give it power.

What do you mean by this.
It actually does make a single beep as it boots but I didn't think anything of it.

>Have you re-attached the old SATA drive to check if it now works?

Yes, after I unplugged booted, replugged and booted again it starting working and hasn't malfunctioned since.

a single beep usually means everything is fine, i would assume it's the monitor connector
You forgot to sacrifice the necessary { dog | slave | first born | virgin } to the great god Murphy and appease him.

Murphy was displeased with your efforts.

Remember Murphy's Laws

If anything can go wrong, it will
If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something

Of course, if you are a non believer in Murphy, then any of the previous poster's comments will suffice.
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