Trouble connecting to a terminal server licensing server.

Hi there,

Here is the scenario:

LAN with Workgroups as follows (No Active Directory or Domain):

- SRV01 - Win2003 Server Standard Edition - Terminal Server role and Terminal Server Licensing role
- SRV02 - Win2003 Server Standard Edition R2 SP1 - Application Server role and Terminal Server role

- SRV03 - Linux Server acting as a file server
- WinXP Pro SP2 clients

- WinXP Pro SP2 clients

All devices are, and the router (DHCP & DNS) is

Here is the problem.

SRV02 can't connect to SRV01 as its licensing server!

I have added SRV01 as a registry key under HKLM.../LicenseServers and it attempts to locate it but returns the following error:

"No Terminal Server license server is available in the current domain or workgroup. To connect to another license server, click Action, click Connect, and then type the server name."

There is no firewall running on either server and the same happens regardless of whether anti-virus is running.

I'm not sure if it's relevent but I have changed the RDP listening port to 3390 on SRV02 so as to distinguish it from SRV01.

Your help will be gratefully received. If I had hair, I'd have pulled it out by now!!!

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For grins I would change the port back, reboot, and try again.

My first real thought is the registry key is is not setup correctly.  I would also try the IP address instead of name.  

Also I believe in R2 Microsoft include a GPO and or a setting under the "Terminal Server Configuration" utility to define the license server.  You might look there first.

This site may help you troubleshoot.

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