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Advantage of using VB.Net instead of VB 6.0

Dear All,

I need to develop a window application to run on WinXP.

As titled. How can I justify which developing tools to be used?

What is available in VB.Net, not in VB6.0 or vice versa.

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Hi iecu

A large consideration would be Microsoft not supporting VB6 anymore. I know there is still a lot of information on the Web and in sites like this, but over time that will diminish as more people take up .Net or other languages.

As you are using XP, then the .Net framework is installed as part of the operating system.

If you decide to start your development now within VB6 I am sure it will be a very short time before you find yourself then coverting it over to VB.Net, so you are probably better to bite the bullet and start now.

As to specifics
 - VB.Net now being OOP where we can now do inheritance and all that good stuff
 - End to so called DLL hell
 - Data binding (this to me is a massive improvement)
 - Application blocks of code supplied by Microsoft that can be downloaded FOC
 - Langauge of choice C# / VB can now be easily combined within one solution as both use the same framework / IDE etc.
 - ... and many others

HTH :)

iecuAuthor Commented:
Hi cubixSoftware,

For the advantages you mentioned, what do you mean for data binding & the code can be downloaded FOC?

Could you further explore these?

Thanks a lot.

The following link explains Microsofts Patterns and Practices of which Application Blocks are one part of it. Basically they are .Net projects (including source code) that you then just include within you Solution and if you want you could simply amend them. They are there to save you from doing the repetative coding for each solution - like we always have to do a data access layer that is always the same


With regards data binding

Many controls can be bound to many different types of objects. We can bind still to datatables, data sets etc.  but now also bind to arrays, hash-tables, collections.

Data driven applications can be achieved in very few lines of code using controls such as combo boxes and especially datagrids. Below are some links that should take you through all these areas.


HTH :)
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