inverting buffer cd 4049

Is there any inverting buffer from cd 4049 family that works on 3v or less than 3v? That is used to generate 429kHz square pulse from 429kHz resonator.
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Zuhir ElgmatiApplications and Systems AdministratorCommented:
Zuhir ElgmatiApplications and Systems AdministratorCommented:
is that usefully
As I recall, the 4046 (as well as most of the 4000 series CMOS devices) were spec'd from 3V - 12V.  So you should have no trouble operating it at 3V.  Regarding less than 3V, well it might work but it is out of spec.
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consider SN74ALVC14 or similar family which operates down to 2V.

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For that resonator you need 3 two or inverters, right ?
Try the triple inverters NC7NP04 or NC7NP14 (with schmitt trigger)

They should run from 0.9 (!) to 3.6 Volts.
And it's only the 2 inverters in the case, so no spare inverters that eat space, supply power and spare input pins that you need to ground.

aeltechAuthor Commented:
I want to change the 429Khz two pin resonator as an One pin oscillator, for that can i use the NC7NP04 inverting buffer ic with the 3V baterry supply voltage.
    will it give 429Khz square wave pulse at one pin?
When you build this  circuit:
Either "Bild 4" with two of the NC7NP04's inverters, maybe also with the third inverter adding another stage

Or maybe "Bild5" and you omit the last (rightmost) stage.

Then you schould get your square wave.
I don't know if you should use schmitt triggers in this application or not, so when you order chips for the prototype, try both the NC7NP04 and the NC7NP14 in this application.

Maybe you need to make the capacitors in the circuit a little larger to get stable operation.
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