Re-Ordering Taskbar Buttons

I have a computer with Windows XP Professional.

Is it possible to re-order or swap taskbar buttons? Currently I have ungrouped similar taskbar buttons.
So, for example, if I have the buttons in the following order (Assume the figure represents the taskbar):

 ------------ ------------- ------------------------ ---------------
|   Inbox   |   Eclipse   |   Internet Explorer   |   CMD.exe   |
 ------------ ------------- ------------------------ ---------------

Is it possible, by some means, to change the positions of these buttons by just dragging and dropping
to an appropriate position? Is it possible to swap CMD.exe and Inbox buttons by just dragging them?
The effect should be like this:

 --------------- ------------- ------------------------- -----------
|   CMD.exe   |   Eclipse   |   Internet Explorer   |   Inbox   |
 --------------- ------------- ------------------------- -----------

Or is there any other means?
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sriki77Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi radarsh,

Have a look at this:

sramesh2kConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Tools that can re-arrange the items in the Taskbar:
radarshAuthor Commented:
I liked the codeproject link posted by sriki77, which is also listed in sramesh2k's link.
Happy that I can do something like that now. :o)

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