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IIS load Balancing/win 2003 with two NIC ..

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-11-09
I am trying to do IIS Load Balancing on windows 2003 Server and with TWO NIC card.

My Configuration Details :
OS : windows 2003 Std Edition
NIC : RealTek 8139
1 Switch 10/100

I have created small Network with Two Servers and 1 Switch with 4 NIC Card.
I had given as CLUSTER IP address,

NIC 1 :
NIC 2 :

NIC 1 :
NIC2 :

I have created First Server on IISLOAD1 but after that when I am adding second server to host it has added but message is "NLB NOT BOUND",

after applied LOAD BALANCE I am unable to PING Primary Ip address :
but both machine can PING Cluster IP address

Please help me !
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Thanks Abs_jaipur !

I have already checked the http://www.west-wind.com/presentations/loadbalancing/NetworkLoadBalancingWindows2003.asp and did all the steps. I am facing one problem here..which I have already Mentioned "I am adding second server to host it has added but message is "NLB NOT BOUND", It Shouldn't be ! In Article it has mentioned both IIS server will be added.

Right now my both servers are in SINGLE work group (NO ADS ) and connected with a SINGLE SWITCH.
both VIrtusl IP and FIxed IP...do i need make any chages with my HARDWARE ?

I don't want DNS Clustering..

Sam PanwarSr. Server Administrator

"NLB NOT BOUND " Means Network Load Balancing (NLB) is not bound to any network adapter. check again the configure and also following setting

1. what subnet mask you have used in clustering
2.Are you use DHCP
3.Have you create VPN betwwen both computer
4. If you using any firewall are stop system firewall if enable when we use NLB then its on so you can not ping other computer.

Sam PanwarSr. Server Administrator

Please also ensure that Sometimes it is desirable for performance or other reasons to direct all outgoing traffic through a different network adapter that the one that is being load balanced with NLB. This implies that there is more than one network adapter on each host in a cluster: NLB is bound to one network adapter called cluster NIC, and the other network adapter does not have NLB bound to it. To make sure that the outbound traffic leaves each host through the non-cluster network adapter, do the following:
Set the metric on the cluster network adapter to a higher value than the non-cluster network adapter. For example, if you have two network adapters on each host, set the non-cluster network adapter metric to 1 and cluster network adapter metric to 2. The network adapter with a higher metric means it is more expensive to use than the other one with a lower metric. That will ensure that the outbound traffic will be routed out of the non-cluster network adapter.
If you want to use default gateways on both cluster and non-cluster network adapters, make sure the metric of the default gateway on the cluster network adapter has a higher value than the one on the non-cluster network adapter. If you do not want to route any outgoing traffic out of the cluster network adapter, you should not specify the default gateway for it at all.


Thanks Jaipur for quick replying me !
Subnet Mask for IPs :
No I haven't use DHCP I have already Disabled it.
There is no VPN connection or any type of FIREWALL.

for NIC 1 - /
for NIC2 - /

for NIC 3 - /
for NIC 4- /

( I can ping it from both server)

First without LOAD BALANCE apply I can PING all IP address ,
Then I have Created Cluster IP as 190.

3. I have choosed 191 for LOAD BALANce..
then 191 has given request Timed Out  .. from IISLOAD1/IISLOAD2
but 190 Cluster server has already added..I can ping 190 from both machine but not out from any other machine.....
( for that I have connected another machine in that SWITCh)

4. now when I am adding IISLOAD2..( in IISLOAD1 add Host to Cluster)  it has added but getting "NLB NOT BOUND MESSAGE "

Up to now am I right ?
do i need any change ?
Sam PanwarSr. Server Administrator

Hi soumenb,

Your welcome  and i will very happy if i  solve your problem.

yes your configuration seems to right ?

I am working in a hosting company and many customer want this configurationn in IIS for load balancing. and we are using all these help which i already give you.

Last 10 day before i also got the same error like not able to ping the ip which is i add in cluster and that time i am change the subnet mask and then its work you can also try the subnet for testing.

But i think this is not problem. It seems that if you connect through the vPN from the remote and routing option then the  firewall automatic enable so may be the problem for not bound and not pinging.

An other one is may be your NIc driver and configuration or WINS on both NIC
HAve check the file sharing access first then connect .

Troubleshooting NLB Problems

Sr. Server Administrator

If you still facxe the problem then use the following steps i change the ip address you can use your ip there. This is configure which we use.

How-To: Configure Network Load Balancing (NLB) with Two Network Adapters

  1.. Assign appropriate IP addresses to each NIC, placing them in separate
·         Node1 -
    o       "Public" NIC
        §         IP address: /as primary ip address
        §         Subnet:
        §         Gateway: / as gateway
        §         DNS: as appropriate

    o       "NLB" NIC
        §         IP address:
        §         Subnet:
        §         Gateway: N/A
        §         DNS: N/A

·         Node2 -
    o       "Public" NIC
        §         IP address:
        §         Subnet:
        §         Gateway:
        §         DNS: as appropriate

    o       "NLB" NIC
        §         IP address:
        §         Subnet:
        §         Gateway: N/A
        §         DNS: N/A

 2.. On the "Public" NICs, click "Advanced" and add an additional IP
address as the Virtual IP Address which clients will connect to from the
Public network (i.e. -

  3.. Install "Network Load Balancing" as an additional service from the
"Public" adapter properties.
    a.. Click "Install.." and then select "Service" in the upper-window and
click "Add."
    b.. Select "Network Load Balancing" in the upper-window and click "OK"
    c.. Answer any prompts and provide the correct path to installation
  4.. Once NLB is installed, return to the Properties page for the "Public"
NIC and select the check-box next to "Network Load Balancing."  This enables
the service globally.
  5.. Next, select the item "Network Load Balancing" and click "Properties"
  6.. Configure the NLB Cluster properties according to your parameters,
using the following example steps as a guide.
·         Node1 -
    o       "Public" NLB Cluster Parameters tab
        §         Primary IP address:
        §         Subnet:
        §         Full Internet Name mail.domain.com

    o       "Public" NLB Host Parameters tab
        §         Priority: 1
        §         Dedicated IP address:
        §         Subnet:

·         Node2 -
    o       "Public" NLB Cluster Parameters tab
        §         Primary IP address:
        §         Subnet:
        §         Full Internet Name mail.domain.com

    o       "Public" NLB Host Parameters tab
        §         Priority: 2
        §         Dedicated IP address:
        §         Subnet:

  7.. MultiCast support can be optional in this configuration.

  8.. You can also now take time to create a static Host record (A record) in your scenario's DNS infrastructure to provide appropriate name resolution to the NLB cluster name (i.e. - mail.domain.com or just mail).

  9.. Your NLB cluster should be up and running.

  10.. An external client should now be able to ping the IP address of the NLB cluster (i.e. - as well as each of the individual node addresses (i.e. - & -.18).

  11.. Many good diagnostic commands can be found by typing "wlbs /?" in a command window.  For example, "wlbs query" shows the status and convergence state of the cluster.

  12.. IMPORTANT NOTE: In this configuration, each individual node is NOT able to ping the other node's Public physical IP address (i.e - cannot ping and vice-versa).  I believe this is expected behavior, as the NLB cluster is now responding to requests on the Virtual Cluster address (i.e. -

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Great..Job..it's worked ..

Thanks a lot for your help abs_jaipur.( hope you are Indian ?
I have tried with your Example !

after load balancing I have added NODE2 in NODE1 sucessfully..
But, How I can enable this option all the time..?

If I close the Load Balancing manager ..all these servers name are removed from LB Manager..
I have SAVED this Option but I don't know ?

I may need every time open SAVED CONFIGURATION file when I restart the machine ??

I am Soumen ,Network Enginner, INDIA

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