Per-database login form using Web Site Rules and DOMCFG

We've set up a Web Site (in the Internet Sites view) for a certain URL to serve a variety of web applications.
Most web applications under that site need to use the same login form, which we've configured in DOMCFG.NSF to map the URL to a publicly readable login form.
For a couple of applications, we need to use a custom login form, so in other words, we would really need to configure per-database login forms rather than the per-virtual-server settings that DOMCFG allows.
I'm conscious that DOMCFG does not provide this, so I started hacking away with Javascript redirects.

My idea was that the standard login form could check the RedirectTo field to see if the user is going to one of those special web applications which require a custom login form, and redirect to that login form by doing a top.location.replace().

I can get the redirect to work to e.g., but if I redirect to the login database (DB ACL: Anonymous = Reader, Login form: $PublicAccess="1"), Domino still presents me with the original login page, but it has just changed the RedirectTo value to that second login form....!

It seems as if Domino is enforcing the standard login page for that virtual server, even though I am pointing it to a publicly accessible login page...!
Can I somehow circumvent this behavior, i.e. point to the login page that I want?

Or is there another way to show a login form based on the database the user is trying to access on that virtual server?

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for a web login jumpoff database

I hope this helps !
int21dotorgAuthor Commented:
Thanks, but what these examples do is redirect authenticated users to different databases, and what I need to do is show unauthenticated users different login forms!

Any other suggestions?
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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Won't work. Only the form in the domcfg database is used, for the rest NOTHING. The only thing you might be able to do is to create several websites on your server. On the other hand, I think it's no possible to give each website a different login-form. Anyway, this would be my way to test this.
int21dotorgAuthor Commented:
That's the second "impossible" I've heard today.

I've now got it to work myself using a technique described here (

I've changed the method slightly so that my standard login form uses a couple of Computed Subforms.

I start off with a Computed Subform with the following formula:


The LoginSubForm_Client1_Start contains all HTML required above the login input fields.

Then there's a subform named LoginSubForm_UserInput, which contains the fields Username, Password, RedirectTo, $PublicAccess, ReasonType, and the Login button.
This subform is used for all login forms.

And I end with a second Computer Subform based on the following formula:


Works like a charm!

Thanks for the input, but no points I'm afraid.....!

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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Ah, but you said you wanted "different login forms" :(

You just saved yourself 500 points! I'd never have thought that it would work with a subform, for practically anything else doesn't in domcfg...

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