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I've developed a nav bar (seen here http://www.fbti.co.uk/forest/redesign/forestry.htm) the problem is that when you hover over "advertising opportunities" it runs a small animation and then shows 3 other buttons.

The problem is with these 3 buttons. They only seem to work occasionally like 1 in 5 times of clicking them will they actually trigger the onrelease event and getUrl( ... )

if uloaded the .fla file to here ( http://www.iqmarketing.org.uk/navbar.fla ) so you guys can download it and have a look.

Any help as to why this is happening would be great. i cant seem to work it out.

Thanks alot.
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Aneesh ChopraCommented:
Here I have uploaded the fixed version
You need atleast Flash MX2004 to open this FLA, i hope you would have the same

download it here..

Problem was in the buttons,
actually buttons have four frames,
But in your buttons you have text only on first frame....

NOTE: 4th frame should have the that much rectangle area covers  you want for button action on mouse interaction....

I have updated the buttons only..

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