i have this error, how can i resovled this:

Caused by: com.mysql.jdbc.Blob

this is the object class:

import java.sql.Blob;
import java.util.Date;

public class IncidentObject implements Serializable {

      public IncidentObject() {


      private Blob attachment;

      private Blob xml_parse_date;

       * @return Returns the attachment.
      public Blob getAttachment()   {
            return attachment;

       * @return Returns the xml_parse_date.
      public Blob getXml_parse_date() {
            return xml_parse_date;

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    private Blob attachment;

You can't serialize a Blob

You have two choices...

1) change the Blob into a serializable datatype (byte array?)
2) Don't serialize out the blob field:

     private transient Blob attachment;

will stop the serializer running on it

can u post the complete stack trace ? i mean complete exception ?
poweranger77Author Commented:
ok. i dont understand what doest it mean by serialized the BLOB?

this error will only prompt when i keep my application server running and i am trying to amend the program code in Eclipse development platform.

what is this serialized? means?

and also, how can i transfrom this BLOB datatype to another form of datatype such as String?

TimYates, can you help to share you view in this thread?
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