Internet Access on adittional PC

I have ADSL coneccted to a wireless hub. My primary PC works fine, and in the past visitors had no problemm gaining acess - this is an unsecured WAN. I just connected another PC, and although it connects to the wireless device and gets an IP, I am unable to access web sites. NOTE: I can ping web adresses and get reply from this additional PC. This PC can also browse web if I plug in a 3G mobile/cellular card.
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Hi nickonak2,

Usually, there's a parameter in the hub to allow / disallow access to internet for the connected pc's. Maybe you could check this parameter. As you say, it's an "unsecured WAN", so, probably this parameter is defined to allow everyone. But maybe you should check it.

nickonak2Author Commented:
There are no parameters on my hub to allow/disallow internet access.
Beyond this,
1) my primary PC is connected through the same device, and connects to internet w/o problem.
2) the problematic PC can ping internet sites, so it is getting past the wireless hub and the DSL router - it just can't access sites in Internet Explorer.
I assume there is a problem in IE, but am baffled as I can access IE sites using alternate connections.

What exactly do you mean by "can't access"? It answers the error "Page not found" or something like?
Check the IE options, in Tools / Internet Options / Connections, if a proxy is defined, or in Security tab, if there's a security active in Resctricted sites, for example. Erase everything you have (if...) in Security, going back to default values.


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nickonak2Author Commented:
Error = page not found ...
IE options have proxy defined for "LAN" which I require for hardwired connections, however when I removed proxy settings earlier, there was no change - I still could not access web sites
I also checked security earlier, and have no restricted sites, etc.
Any other ideas?

Try to connect directly your troubled PC to the modem. Can you access some "easy" sites, like your ADSL provider site, or google, for example? (or Experts Exchange...:)  )
If you can, there something wrong for sure in the configuration of the hub or of the PC network access.
If you can't, there something wrong with the IE, and the solution maybe you could reinstall it from inside Control Panel.

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