How can I set multiple default signatures when using Outlook/Exchange Server 2003?


I have Exchange Server 2003 running as an email server.  We have an employee who uses Outlook 2003 to connect to two separate mailboxes - mailbox A and mailbox B.  When sending emails from these accounts, different signatures are required.  The user has set up 2 unique signatures and is able to manually choose a signature depending on which account the mail is being sent from.  But what they would really like is if each mailbox can be linked to different default signatures.  This would mean that the signature selection process would be automeated.

I expected that this would be possible by going to Tools/Options/Mail Format/Signatures, but when you go here there is just one account listed in the drop down box.  The account listed is 'Microsoft Exchange Server'.

This seems like something that lots of people would want and that wouldn't be very hard to program so I'm hoping that there is a way to achieve this.

Thanks for your help with this!
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David LeeCommented:
Greetings, alanrogerson2.

Even though Outlook allows us to have multiple accounts in one profile it is really designed to handle just a single account.  That means you cannot set a different signature or mail delivery location on a per account basis.  The best way to get around this is to either create a message template or stationery for each account and embed the signature in it.  You'll then need to remember to create messages by clicking Actions->New Mail Message Using and selecting the stationery for whichever account, or clicking Tools->Forms->Choose Form and selecting the correct template file.  You can make the process a bit easier by creating a toolbar button for each account that when clicked will open a new mail message based on the correct stationery/template.


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You could try configuring multiple outlook profiles, and prompt the user before outlook opens for the profile to use.  This does allow you to configure different signatures, and assorted other bits.

David LeeCommented:
I believe a split is in order.  Both answers are correct.
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