Exchange 2003 Maibox reattaching problem. "ID no: c1034ad6"

Our Exchange 2003 Backend for one site died (about 200 users) and I had to rebuild another server and I managed to move the .stm and edb files to the new server and reconnect all the users to their new mailboxes on the new server. Only one user (user x) has a problem and refuses to reconnect to it's mailbox. When ever I try to attach it gives me the below error

"The operation cannot be performed because this mailbox is already reconnected to an existing user.
ID no: c1034ad6
Exchange System Manager"

On this bad mailbox I can see that another user (user y) has a "last loged on by" entry and this "user y" already has a mailbox.

I have tried EXerge. Exmerge does not see this mailbox. I have tried creating a dummy user and tried to reconnect it to the bad mailbox. Still same error message.

At this point I am running out of ideas. Is there some way I can do this.

By the way "User x" is the Director of this site. This makes my situation more desperate :). Please help

Viju Mathai
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Go to Exchange System Manager first, Expand Administrative Groups, Exchange server, Storage group, Expand mailbox store, highlight and right click on "mailboxes" and click "Run Cleanup Agent"
See, if this mailbox is connected to any user in AD. otherwise, it would show a red cross mark with it.
If its already connected to a user account in AD, you would have to go to Active Directory Users and Computer, highlight the user, right click and "exchange tasks" , select "Remove Exchange Attributes" and disconnect the mailbox from the user. Go to Exchange System Manager again, run cleanup Agent and now, if you see the red cross mark,
right click on the mailbox in Exchange System Manager and select reconnect, now you can connect this mailbox to the user of your choice in AD.

Amit Aggarwal.

Look at Article ID: 301585 and see if that helps at all.

You can use Ldifde to examine the homeMDB and mailNickname attributes of a user. If these attributes exist, the Mbconn portion of the reconnection process actually succeeded. To use Ldifde to examine the homeMDB and mailNickname attributes of a user, you must know the distinguished name of the user account. In its preview mode, Mbconn displays the distinguished name of the user account that Mbconn intends to link with a mailbox. For example, if you run the following command
LDIFDE -F CON -D "CN=Common Name,OU=Container,DC=Domain,DC=COM" -L homeMDB,mailNickname

the following is a sample of the output that is generated:
E:\>LDIFDE -F CON -D "cn=Common Name,ou=Container,dc=domain,dc=com" -L homeMDB,mailNickname
Connecting to ""
Logging in as current user using SSPI
Exporting directory to file con
Searching for entries...
Writing out entries.dn: CN=Common Name,OU=Container,DC=domain,DC=com
changetype: add
CN=Private Information Store (DC1),CN=First Storage Group,CN=InformationStore,CN=DC1,CN=Servers,
CN=Exchange,CN=Administrative Groups,CN=Microsoft,CN=Microsoft Exchange,CN=Services,CN=Configuration,
mailNickname: CommonName
1 entries exported

Regardless of whether you find the homeMDB and mailNickname attributes for the user, Ldifde should report "1 entries exported." If Ldifde reports "No entries found," Ldifde was unable to read the user object from the directory. You may have typed the distinguished name incorrectly, you may not have sufficient permissions to view the object, or you may not have escaped characters that require escape.

If the homeMDB and mailNickname attributes are present, and you can run the Cleanup Agent successfully, it is possible that the Recipient Update Service cannot complete the reconnection process by stamping additional attributes on the user object. If user objects do not have a proxyAddresses attribute, the Recipient Update Service has not yet processed the object.


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If you use the recovery storage group, will that allow an exmerge?  You can actually recover a database with the recovery storage group on a live production server.  I have always had to run eseutil on the recovered database before it mounts tho, and then I can use exmerge to strip out essential data.

If that works, you could remove the exchange attributes from the user than build a new mailbox and just import the data (via exmerge or outlook).

Good Luck!  I've had a few high ranking official lose data also.  No time for a heart attack tho.
vijmatAuthor Commented:
I already created a recovery storage group and tried using EXMEGRE. The account will not show up in EXNERGE unless it is linked to some account.

I tried using the Cleanup agent. it does not work.

Finally this it what I did.
This user has an offline copy of his mailbox in Outlook 2003. So I walked up to him backed up the data to a .pst file and restore it back to his newly built mailbox. Problem solved.

Gentlemen, I thank you for your help and you quick response. I wish misrosoft would have an easier way to tackle it at the server end.

Viju Mathai
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