AD replication over a Site to site vpn (linksys to linksys) connection

I have a client who is intending on opening a branch office. If i was to put a DC at the remote office which is connected to the headoffice via a VPN tunnel using a WAG54G Linksys router at each end, i wouldnt have to open any ports on my router right? (ie port forwarding)  I know AD uses specific ports, and i would have to open ports in the case that the vpn tunnel was sitting behind a firewall right?

Just confirming what i think i already know!

Please prove me wrong, i need to learn!
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If the VPN server is behind a router, Port Mapping will need to be done on the router.
Standard port usage is 1723 for PPTP. You might also need to configure your router for PPTP Passthrough. Port usage for IPSec is 500, 50-51. These ports will have to be forwarded to the VPN server's local IP address
I did this on two Netgear ADSL routers.

I set the VPN up between the routers and AD worked fine.
msha094Author Commented:
so no ports, it just uses the normal tunnel for communication
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