Set Windows Hostname at Boot Time

Is there a way to set the Windows XP hostname at boot time, or after the system is booted but without having to reboot?

We are working on a way to image systems over a network (like Rembo).  So far the only snag is that the hostname needs to be different on each machine, or Windows squacks "Duplicate hostname on network."

So, after the image is downloaded to the machine off the network, I'm looking for a way to set the hostname from say, a file that resides on a static partition of the client drive.

Any ideas?  Thanks!
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mistagitarAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestion, wigmanw.  One of their other products looks more like what we're going for:

We are aware that such solutions already exist, but would rather create our own as a cost-effective alternative....   and for the fun of it  :-)

This hostname snag is the last kink to work out (this week).

If you're using ghost to image, run ghostwalker after you image.
use the /cn switch to generate or change the computer name and the /sure switch to ensure no prompting
According to the above site,
"Because both Ghost.exe and Ghost Walker run in DOS, changing the SID with Ghost Walker does not require an additional restart."


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