Can hard drive function on its back?

I have a situation where I lost some parts out of my computer case and I have to turn the hard drive over and velcro it to the case so that it can stay fastened to the case.  It was really the only way I could attach it.  Will this cause the hard drive not to function correctly since it is upside down so to speak?

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simsjrgConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have seen drive seated in servers every way you can think of... right side up, on its side, upside down... You should be good as long as the drive is secure... ANY movement or play could make the drive wobble and fall and then you  could potentially have a problem. If you have ever pulled out a hard drive hot or held a running one in your hand and tilted it from side to side you know what I'm talking about.
Hi tudorjl,

for what i know, it will function normal

maramomConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What you need to be concerned about is vibration more than it's position. Excess vibration can eventually cause the drive to fail. If it's fastened securely, you should have no problem.
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