time sync between computers in same workgroup.

Dear experts,

I am having a problem synchronising the time between computers in same workgroup.
This is the whole situation:

I am synchronising computer 1 with a time server in an another domain.
Then i want to synchronise computer 2 with computer 1 and cmputer 3

Time zones are equal on computers.
i already used and tried the commands :
Net time \\computer1 /set /y
net time /setsntp:computer 1

When i try to synchronise computer 2 with computer 1 i get "error 5   access denied" same thing with computer 3.
I get this error also if i try to sync computer 2 or 3 with timeserver in domain mentioned above.
Synchronising computer 1 with timeserver in that domain is no problem.
Also synchronising computer 2 with computer 3 is no problem.

I am lost here.

what settings can be different?
why cant i sync computer 2 or 3 with computer 1?

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Im a bit confused with the way you are going about this and why you seem to be trying to synchornise everything with everything else.  Surely you just want the time to be the same on all of them so you choose 1 source and syncronise them all from that one source, not constantly from each other.

Using the /setsntp you are using the ntp protocol.  This should make no differnece which PC you are trying to syncronise as it's generic.  The only issue here is a firewall perhaps blocking the connections?

With regards to yoru exact problem, what operating systems are you using?  As far as I was aware only the server OS's have an ntp server in that you can syncronise time from.  Are you trying to get the time from a Win2k pro box or an XP box?

If you get REALLy stuck then use something like http://www.kaska.demon.co.uk/tardis.htm.

This is a utility I have been using for years, since before Win2k days on NT4 domain controllers.  This also synchronises the time but can also act as a ntp server for the other cklients in your mini network.  If you install this onto computer 1 and set it to broadcast ntp alerts then you will be able to use the normal windows /setsntp command and point them to computer 1.

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wigmanwAuthor Commented:
ok, again.

I was realy trying to be as clear as i could :)  

i got some computers in a workgroup. (computer 1 till 3)

There is also a domain, they can connect trough a router/firewall.
The connection trough router from workgroup to domain is always alowed, from domain to workgroup has restrictions.

The why of this construction is not important.

What i want is this:

Sync computer 1 with timeserver in domain.

then sync other computers with computer 1. Thats it.

The following things i tried to do to find out what problem is.: (--> means result)

sync computer 2 with 1 --> system error 5 acces denied
sync computer 3 with 1 --> system error 5 acces denied
sync computer 1 with 2 --> no problem
sync computer 2 with time server --> system error 5 acces denied
sync computer 3 with time server --> system error 5 acces denied
sync computer 2 with 3 --> no problem

so somehow i cant get all the computers to sync with computer 1, but they are all in the same workgroup (computer 1 till 3).
timezone is equal
date is equal

wigmanwAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your answer

I tried the program and it works for me.

this way i can sync the computers the way i want.

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