Best DDR2 Configuration

I just bought this Dell server:

I was wondering what the best way to upgrade the RAM would be. I have heard that DDR-2 will get its maximum speed if you buy a matched set of RAM.

What if I want to get 2 matched sets?

Is there such a thing of a set of 4 matching RAM?  If so will that function better? Also, does it matter if I have one paired set and then one extra stick of some other RAM?

Thanks in advance.
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Matched sets just guarantees that the 2 ram sticks will operate at the same speed in the same configuration. The advantage of this is it allows you to operate them in dual channel.

Buying 2 sets of matched pairs gives you a good chance of getting them to operate in dual channel, but you would be better off getting 1 matched pair of double the capacity. using a matched pair, and then an odd stick, even if it is the same speed and spec, will not allow it to operate in dual channel, hance making the matched pair useless.

-Alex Chard

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