Moving Windows 2000 server Domain Controler to a new box with Server2003.

I just came into an environment where they are running Windows2000 Server(Domain Controller) on a PII.  I would like to decommission this box and replace it with a new Server2003 R2 box.  Any suggestions on what the best way to do this is?  The mnachine also runs DNS and DHCP.  I have done upgrades on 1 box but new moved to a new box and upgraded.

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Take a look at this question, I think it's the best way to proceed in your case.

Don't hesitate to post again if you need more information.


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bpopolaAuthor Commented:
great post.  Just  a question.  I would like to reneme the server 2003 box the same as the old 200 server.  I believe after the old box is turned off for good I can just rename?

Also How to update the schema on the 2000 box?
You can rename the DC after the old one is offline. Here's the procedure :

the adprep /forestprep / domainprep takes care of updating the schema.

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One little add on here. If you are going to promote your w2k3 standalone to a member server and then run the DCPROMO, keep in mind that you have to run ADPREP from the R2, DISK2 setup disk NOT disc1!!  ADPREP is also on disk 1 but you will fail when attempting make your win2k3-r2 box a Domain Controller. Unfortunately this isn't in the Msoft knowledgebase yet and I spent many pointless hours trying to upgrade a recent client of mine.

Good Luck!

good point Ray ! Having not done this for ages, I wasn't even aware of that one.

bpopolaAuthor Commented:
info looks great.  Will give it a shot this weekend.

Just to follow up quickly, I was on the phone with Microsoft this morning regarding an issue I was having with exchange 2k3 not auth. with all my dc's. (I am not in a native environment). It appears that we were having issues because I only ran ADPEP on the primary operations master (win2k) and not on the other backup dc (which was win2k) also. Everything looked good initially because the win2k3 server got promoted without error. I only saw errors a few days after the fact. Anyhow - Good luck this weekend!
bpopolaAuthor Commented:
All worked ok except the sysvol info did not copy over.  And ideas?
bpopolaAuthor Commented:
I got.  a problem on the 2000 box.

On the 2000 box  I did the following
To change this registry parameter, run regedit. Click on Start, Run and
> type regedit. Expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.
> Click down the key path:
> "System\CurrentControlSet\Services\NtFrs\Parameters"
> Double click on the value name
> "Enable Journal Wrap Automatic Restore" and update to 1.
If not create new dword.  value 1
Restart the file rep service.  When done.  Change value back.

Went to the 2003 box and restarted the replication service.  
Now I get:
"The File Replication Service is no longer preventing the computer ITDS2 from becoming a domain controller. The system volume has been successfully initialized and the Netlogon service has been notified that the system volume is now ready to be shared as SYSVOL."
I had a similar problem with my upgrades as well. SYSVOL folders weren't automatically created on the new win2k3r2 box.  I went through a slew of things with Microsoft including runnign the GPOFIX utility and editing the registry Burflags set. Manually creating the SYSVOL folders and following the article below resolved my issue in particular. Check this out:

Let us know how it goes
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Windows Server 2003

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