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EXPERT NEEDED !!!!  Mail folders are odd - what happened?  THIS IS A HARD ONE TO COMMUNICATE!

DFlaschen asked
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Last Modified: 2010-04-08
I THINK I can explain this...Something happened...I did SOMETHING and now things are weird.
OK, let me try to explain...
- I open Outlook.
- I click Mail.  Inbox is highlighted on the left and I see emails on the right.  Everything appears to be normal.
If I then highlight an email (on the right) and Right-Click and choose Move-To-Folder, the Move Items window pops up (asking me which folder I want to move it to).
Now here's the weird part...
-- IN addition to the regular, correct Mail Folders (which each have a Yellow Folder icon) there are a few NEW folders which have Calendar icons.  However these calendar folders are NOT in the left pane under Personal Folders.  In other words, when I close the Move-To-Folder dialog and look (on the left) at the yellow folders under Personal Folders, I DON'T see those calendar folders that I saw when it was asking me which folder I wanted to move my email to!
- Now, while still in that Move-To-Folder dialog, if I double-click on one of these calendar folders that it's showing me, I see a calendar entry with an icon in the body to one of my emails!

It seems that, somehow, several of my Inbox emails got tossed into some Calendar Folder.

btw: If I go INTO calendars, I see these new calendars (and hate them) but, of course, there are no appointments in them, because they ar not really calendars, and what is in them are lost emails.

What I've been doing is this:
In the Move-To-Folder dialog, where these Calendar folders have suddently shown up, and where I can double-click these calendar entries that contain icons to these lost emails in the body, I'll open these emails in the body and Forward them to myself so they're not totally lost.

I would guess that about 30 emails are in these "Calendars" - but I know of no way to list them.  Yikes!

I think this is a hard one.
Thank you.
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Follow-up.  When I go into Calendar, I see several additional calendars: a couple with the names of certain Mail Folders (under Personal Folders in Mail) - and a couple with the names of emails that should have been saved in regular Mail Folders.

If I knew what I was doing, I would
 - Find out what emails were in these "Calendars"
 - Move them back to the Inbox, where they came from (and belong)
 - and, Delete these nasty Calendars.
Thanks again.

Can't explain how the calendar folders were created but try this..........

Go to the calendar and open the appointment items that hold the email items. (unfortunately you need to do this one by one)
Then right-drag the mail message and drop it directly on the the folder you want to move it to in the Navigation Pane on the left side.

No need to right-clcik and select move.
Drag and drop is much easier.

After moving all email out of a particular calendar, go to the folder list in the Navigation Pane and delete it.

Also. to move a message between folders, use a standard left-click drag-n-drop.


Please be very specific in answering the following:
- Exactly what do you mean by ...
  "Go to the Calendar"
Do you mean "choose calendar immediately after opening Outlook", or do you mean "double-click on the calendar folder that I see (only) when I do "Move-To-Folder"?

If you mean the former ... I don't see any entries in the odd-calendars.  I went through several months and saw no calendar entries.

Also, I wonder how many emails are stuck in these Calendar folders.

In the Navigation pane on the left - clcik the FOLDER LIST tab - Can you find the offending Calendar folders?


Yes, if I go to the bottom left and do Add or Remove Buttons, I can find Folders.  That does show the offending Calendar "folders".
However, there appears to be nothing IN these OCFs.
The only time I see what is in them is when I click on an email, choose Move-To-Folder (Ctrl-Shift-V).
Please understand the following clearly...
  After highlighting and email, and Pressing Ctlr-Shift-V, a window pops up entitled "Move Items".  That windows has 3 buttons... "OK", "Cancel", "New...".
One would normally highlight a folder and press OK.  However, if I, instead, double-click on an OCF folder - instead of just highlighting it - It shows me an appointment with one of the lost email icons in it's body.
   Now it may be the case that I am seeing what I'm seeing because I'm TOTALLY CONFUSED but I'm not sure - That's why I'm consulting experts...
  Now, after double-clicking an OCF and double-clicking it's email icon in the body, I forward that email to myself.  If I then do this again (highlight any email and press Ctlr-Shirt-V) there is another email, and another and another.  They MAY be a finite number of them but I'm not sure.  I may even be near the end.


OK.  I'm now thinking that by double-clicking a folder, instead of highlighting the folder and pressing OK, I am CREATING the appintment with the email in it.
Here is what i think happen. somehow new folder were created. but instead of it being a folder type, its a calendar type folder, so that's why you see the calendar icon instead of the yellow folder icon. when you move the emails to the calendar folder, a calendar appointment (meeting) request shows up with the icon of the email and subject of the email in the body. if you canceled it or "X" it. it will go to your DELETED folder. But if you send out the meeting request, it will show up in your calendar. i think the only way to get those emails back is go search your calendar and resend it to yourself. and also check your deleted folder for any emails that you think are missing. hope this help you understand.

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Here you go...
I just did excatly what you are describing.
You are correct when you say ... "However, if I, instead, double-click on an OCF folder - instead of just highlighting it - It shows me an appointment with one of the lost email icons in it's body."

Now using the folder list, goto one of the OCF's.
There will be an appointment item for every mail that has been moved there.

Open one of the appointment items.
Go back to the Navigation Pane and select the "Folder List" tab so it opens.
Make sure you can see the mail folder that you want to move the message to listed in the tree.
Now click on the opened appointment item and posisiton the window so you can still see the Navigation Pane Folder Tree behind it.
Left-click the inserted mail message and drag it over to the folder tree until the folder you want to move the message to is high-lighted and release the mouse button.
A copy of the message is now in the selected mail folder.
Close the opened appointment itme and delete it from the calendar.
Repeat for all appointments.
After all appointment have been deleted, delete the calendar using the Navigation Pane. (right-click - delete)


Thank you to josephbarron for reminding me that some of my emails are in Deleted (JB is a careful reader).
Thank you to meintsi.  Of course, I started doing what you're suggesting.  I was hoping that there was some way to SEE what emails are in the "Calendar" - that would be so nice.

btw: I've figured out that the lost emails were on March 21, mostly (if not all of them).  I see where they are.  The weird thing is that this Advanced Search doesn't show any of the ones that are in the OCF.  Perhaps the Advanced Search doesn't search Calendar folders.  I wish there were some way to SEE what's in these damned Calendar folders.  Thanks DF
One last note:

I have found using the drag-n-drop method much easier and faster to move mail between folders than the "move to" option.


I don't think it's faster if you have lots of folders.
You highlight the email.
You press Ctrl-SHift-V
You begin to type the name of the destination folder, and it appears (or almost appears)
You press OK.

When you have lots of folders you have to do mousing.
My guess is you don't have LOTS of folders - hence no scrolling - but not important.
Regards and thanks.
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