Exchange Backup

I am backing up about 98 gb of data each night.

over half of my data is backed up in about an hour.

for some reason my exchange mailboxes which are 12gb of data take almost 7 hours to back up.

is there a reason why this data takes so long to backup or is it possible I have misconfigured my backup software.

I am using symantec backup exec verson 10d
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How are you backing up your mailboxes? Are you doing individual mail box backups are just backing up the components of the information store?

If you are backing up individual mailboxes then this will take a long time, about 7 hours would be right.
If most of that data is attachments (and duplicates of attachments to multiple recipients) there is an option to do a single instance backup for attachments.  So each one only gets backed up once, which would lower the amount of data to be transferred-- however there are issues if a backup fails ( see the help file )

Other than that, try track down the bottleneck ( probably on the exchange server) using performance monitoring.
vlahomtAuthor Commented:
Why does it take such a long time to do indvidual mailboxes?  (that is what I am doing)
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Individual mailboxes require the backup agent to open the IS and link all the objects for each mailbox. If the IS has not been defrag'd for a long time (you should allow time for a defrag monthly) then you will have a lot of fragmented mail items for each mailbox.
Once a mailbox has been backedup, it closes the IS and then re-opens it for the next mailbox.

You don't mention the version of Exchange but assuming it is 2000 or above.
Try creating more stores to allow parallel backups if the backup time is that critical to you. THe downside is multiple instances for attachments and higher admin overhead for users.

Hope this helps
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Your backup software uses the MAPI interface to back up individual mailboxes.  This is a SLOW interface. That's why it takes so long.  You are not going to speed this up significantly unless you get a faster server or perhaps more CPU and/or Memory.  If you don't need individual mailbox backup, back up only the databases for disaster recovery.  Otherwise you are pretty much stuck with the sub-par speed.  The problem is inherent with MS.

It is normal for exchange to take longer to backup. After all, you aren't just reading a file from the HD, you are opening the exchange database and reading the data from there, that needs more overhead. You could improve the backup speed if you disable the antivirus online scan during the backup. To make sure your system is virus free you could then run an antivirus system scan after the backup.
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