Setting the Paper Size to A4 for a Crystal Report

We have a supplier from the US who writes some Crystal Reports for us.

They insist they always set the printer page size in the reports to A4.

In our office (in the UK) the reports all print ok - we have an HP Color LaserJet 5500 PCL 6.

However in our other UK office the reports do not print ok: on their OKI printer it displays 'Paper Mismatch', their HP 4000-family printer it displays the message 'Load Letter' and then sit there until you press the green Go button a couple of times.

I have opened one of the reports up in Crystal Reports but the page size seems to vary depending on which printer I am pointing at. By default it opens on "Fax" and has page size "letter".

When I change the printer to "HP Color LaserJet 5500 PCL 6" it is still Letter.

When I change the printer to "HP LaserJet 4000 Series PCL6" it is still Letter

but when I change it back to "HP Color LaserJet 5500 PCL 6" it is now A4.

If I open Word and set the printer to "HP Color LaserJet 5500 PCL 6" the page size is A4.

All the trays for our HP printer are set to A4.

How can I tell what the Crystal Report printer page size is set to and can anyone explain what is happening?

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I believe that is true so long as the same printer driver is used and it has A4 as an option.  If you change printers then all bets are off.  Crystal is very dependent on the printer driver.

Crystal uses the printer driver to provide the paper sizes that are available.  If you build the reports against one printer driver and it isn't available on the production machine then it tries to use the default printer

There are 2 solutions
1.  Have your developer provide you with reports that use the appropriate printer driver for your clients..
  ie.  They will provide one that is built and saved against the HP Color LaserJet 5500 PCL 6 for all users that have a HP Color LaserJet 5500 PCL 6 as the default printer.
     They will provide one that they change the printer on and save it to use the OKI printer same for the HP 4000.

2.  Use the same printer driver at all locations.

Look at this link for how Crystal is dependent on the printer driver. (It is for earlier version of Crystal but it is still applicable).

purplesoupAuthor Commented:
This is a long document, but it appears to be saying that when writing a report you should not use page size A4 or letter but hard-code a specific page size for each report. Is that how you read it?
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Not sure what you mean by hard-code it.

Generally, you should setup the printer as you create a report.  
Use the printer setup to select the printer and paper size.  
Make them the default
Then create the report.  The report will automatically set itself up to use the default printer and paper size.

purplesoupAuthor Commented:
Sorry I haven't got back to this recently.

Are you saying make the setting you want for the report the default settings for the printer at the time the report is created, then the report will use those settings (e.g. Page Size A4) for any other printer that prints the report?
Glad i could help

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