iexplorer.exe - Application Error

On a Windows XP Pro computer I am getting the following errors:

The instruction at "0x696352bb" referenced memory at "0x00000018". The memory could not be "read".

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Take a look at the article here:

It is for Windows 2000, but the same applies for XP.  Make sure you have the most recent service pack, etc. and see if that works for what you need.
Hi there... what is the name of the file?  Did you mean iexplorer.exe or actually iexplore.exe?  iexplore.exe is the Internet Explorer executable file, but iexplorer.exe (WITH the 'r') is actually adware or maybe even a virus.  For example, you can read about the adware process here:  or google iexplorer.exe to get more info about the possibilities.

If it is actually iexplorer.exe, how long have you been having this error?  Has it been since you installed some new software or added a new device?

Hopefully, you meant iexplore.exe and have already been helped by concernpianist!  Let us know! :)  All the best.
Yes, seriously... let's hope not for a virus!

Ugh... viruses... let's not go there :)
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Corrupt Registy !! Reinstall Internet Explorer
                          Scan for spyware - Adaware
                          install a firewall - Zone alarm
                          Install Anti-virus and scan - Avast
              Good Luck

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I'm not sure what kind of help my comment will be, or what kind of info you're looking for but I'll try anyway.  I don't know if anything was worked out in the duplicate question that was mentioned by Netminder, but all three of us that commented here had good suggestions and/or questions for the asker.  It's a shame we never heard back - perhaps they solved their own problem?  Well, that's my two cents.
rickparyAuthor Commented:
Sorry, Its seems the registry was corrupt.
I reloaded the computer and that fixed the problem.
Thank you all!
rickparyAuthor Commented:
I thought I closed it by accepting the above answer?
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