How to increase tempdb size in MSSQL 6.5

I need to increase the size of tempdb to 15MB in MSSQL 6.5. What is the command and syntax to do this?

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Ensuring Sufficient TempDB Space

If errors occur while handling Recordset objects that need processing space on Microsoft SQL Server 6.5, you may need to increase the size of the TempDB. (Some queries require temporary processing space; for example, a query with an ORDER BY clause requires a sort of the Recordset, which requires some temporary space.)

Important   Read through this procedure before performing the actions because it isn't as easy to shrink a device once it is expanded.

Note   By default in Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 and later, TempDB is set to automatically grow as needed. Therefore, this procedure may only be necessary on servers running versions earlier than 7.0.
To increase the TempDB space on SQL Server 6.5

Start Microsoft® SQL Server Enterprise Manager, open the tree for the Server, and then open the Database Devices tree.
Select a (physical) device to expand, such as Master, and double-click the device to open the Edit Database Device dialog box.

This dialog box shows how much space the current databases are using.

In the Size box, increase the device to the desired amount (for example, 50 megabytes (MB) of hard disk space).
Click Change Now to increase the amount of space to which the (logical) TempDB can expand.

Open the Databases tree on the server, and then double-click TempDB to open the Edit Database dialog box. The Database tab lists the amount of space currently allocated to TempDB (Data Size). By default, this is 2 MB.

Under the Size group, click Expand. The graphs show the available and allocated space on each of the physical devices. The bars in maroon color represent available space.

Select a Log Device, such as Master, to display the available size in the Size (MB) box.

Click Expand Now to allocate that space to the TempDB database.

The Edit Database dialog box displays the new allocated size for TempDB.

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Worked like a dream!  Thanks.
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