CRM reports Page not found error with web client

I have a win2k server with sql and crm 3.0 installed. Everything works perfect except I can not run reports remotly through the web client. I am getting a page can not be displayed when running reports.
I firewall using ISA 2000 and have published the crm webserver and sql server.
Locally it works fine so it appears I have an error in the ISA publishing.
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DarthModConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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Even I am having the same problem.

This is what is happening at my end.

if i give
http://IP Address/ReportServer?/PRONTO+SOLUTIONS+LLC_MSCRM/Account+Overview
its working.

if i give
its not working.

What i would assume is Server is not able to resolve the machine name though it is able to resolve the IP Address.
Again I would assume that there should be a SRV Record in a DNS to accomplish this.
Though iam not sure, May be Network admin can help you out.

I am working on it will let you know if i get something.
normkokesAuthor Commented:
OK I have found the solution.
The problem is the URL for the CRMreportserver is specified as a local machine name. Locally the reports work fine however remotly the system is trying to access a machine name that is non accessable.
If you look at the status bar when attempting to run a report remotly you will notice the URL starts out with http://crmmachine/
The correct URL should be or something like that.

The easy fix is to change the following:
edit the SQLserverurl to specify the internet address.
next edit the publish.config file which is located in the Microsoft CRM\reports directory. Do a search for the URL server name and replace with the internet address name.

A reboot is required so the new registry key load but it will work fine after that
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