Best firewall device for Website Hosting

Looking for opinions for the best firewall device for the following environment and needs:

Windows 2003 Servers
Multiple websites on different machines so Port 80/433 need to be directed to different back end IP's based on external IP
VPN tunnel (IPSEC) to a Linksys VPN router
pptp Vpn from windows clients but no more than one at a time but this is not a large consideration

Cost is a HUGE factor as well as the ability to administer easily (such as the nice interface on a watchguard... pix is a bit difficult)

What device would best suit my needs?

Ask me to clarify or give more info/opinions if it will help your opinion.

Thanks in advance!
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you might look at
Juniper NetScreens are easy to use, and very powerfull. Matter of fact they where rated #1 for last year.
For interface, you can use a web browser on any port you decide, using regular web or ssl (80/443), or telnet, or secure shell, or SNMP etc etc.m
djrubinAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info. Will look into it. As you are the only one who answered, you win the points ;)
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