Passing Data to Excell from Access 2002 and then passing the results back to access.

I need to add 5 work days to a pending out date.  Since Excell has a workday function  I'm thinking I could pass the dates (could be a column of them) fields to a spreadsheet which has workday function set.

Once the spreadsheets runs the function I'd like to take the new dates and update a table in Access.

I'm fairly new and access and I think I need to do this in a module just not sure if this is possible or if anyone has another suggestion to accomisph the same thing.



daterec              number of dasy to increment              results new pending out date
03/03/2006                            5                                      03/10/2006

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Did you really want this post in the Macintosh Applications section? Access doesn't run on Macs. Suggest you repost to Databases: MS Access.
You may be able to do this in Access directly -- see: (search the page for "workday")

Also see links at:
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