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I have been working  on an issue that I can’t seem to get resolved with MS Word’s spell checker.  The problem is that the users have many old documents from the year’s past and what they are doing is cutting and pasting old documents into one new document.  Here is the deal; once the document has been put together and changed and they try to run Spell Checker it doesn’t seem to pick up any of the misspelled words.  If you go in the middle of the document and type word incorrectly that you know is incorrect and run Spell Checker it doesn’t pick it up.  BUT if you go to the end of the document and type the same word it picks it up.

I know that a lot of these documents were originally created in MS Word 2000 or 2002 (XP).  I have been googling and going thru Microsoft site for answers but they do not have any good work arounds.
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Hi, capvac,

Make sure that ALL the text in the document is actually being checked.  Sometimes when you cut and past from multiple documents, some of the pasted material may arrive at its new home with different settings.

Go to Tools > Language > Set Language... to open the Language dialog box.  Select your language, then make sure to UNCHECK the "Do not check spelling or grammar" option.  Then click OK.

Try that, and let us know how it goes.

capvacAuthor Commented:
I dont see my comment posted, so I'll post again.
This worked great! thanks
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