Synchronised data on laptop and server

I need to be able to have the current working copy of my data on my laptop and for this to then synchronise with a server when connected to the network.

To add an extra item in the mix.  I'll be connecting to 2 networks/domains using for easy access.  Will it be possible to have just the single profile and my documents for both networks saved ont he laptop and then synch'd?
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What you want to do is setup "Offline Folders" in Windows XP which would automagically sync your folders of your choice accross when your connected the local network whether be it locally or via VPN. I don't recomend the you set it up to sync with 2 different servers on 2 different Domains because then you will run into issues were, well, for example...

You work on a Word document and save it to the "Offline Folder" on say Network A, you leave that network update the Word document and then sync up to the other network, Network B. You now now have two different versions of the Word document and everytime you try to sync the system will ask you which version you want to save. This is fine for one file, but it would be a pain if you have a bunch of them.

Hope this helps!
Here is a great link for more information about the Offline Folders from Microsoft's site:

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MS Synctoy is the best idea, much better then Offline files and more control of what is updated and when.
Search for XP powertoys.
DubberDanAuthor Commented:
Testing synctoy at the moment, but so far looks the business.  Makes anive change for M$ to supply such a nice little app that actually works for free.....

Or am I just being a cynic???
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