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Active Directory & DHCP

I have set up a 2003 server and implemented AD. I created my own range of IP addresses and put them on each work station. My router is currently set for DHCP. The IP addresses from my ISP are different from the ones I used in my AD. When I install the server and log on from a work station I am able to access shared files and printers without any problem. I can not however access the internet. Where did I go wrong and what do I need to do to correct this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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I would not use the DHCP from the router. Use the DHCP server on your Windows 2003 box. Next ensure that your DNS is pointed at the Windows 2003 machine and use forwarding to your ISp DNS servers for Internet access.
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The router is the property of my ISP and I have no control or access to it. Any other suggestions?
Do you have DNS set up on the 20003 server?  Is it forwarding to your ISP DNS servers?
I do have DNS set up. I have it forwarding to my servers IP address? If I need to do that what is the best way?
In order to access the Internet you will need to forward to your ISP DNS servers.
Ok. Let me know if this is correct. Open the Dnsmgmt, right click on my domain, click properties, a menu comes up and there is a tab that says forwarders. Type in my ISP's adresses for the primary and secondary DNS?
In Dnsmgmt, right click on the server name and select properties. Then on the forwarders tab enter your ISP DNS server(s).
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Were you able to access the Internet after making the changes?
I have to wait for the weekend but I'll let you know as soon as I try it.
I did this: In Dnsmgmt, right click on the server name and select properties. Then on the forwarders tab enter your ISP DNS server(s). and it did not work. I was still unable to access the internet. I then went into the TCP/IP properties on the server and checked the obtain IP address automatically. I logged on through a workstation and was able to access the net. Is this a safe way to be set up? Do you have any other ideas in regards to what you told me to do?
Thanks again.
You can keep it set up this way. But, the preferred way is to have your server use a static IP and use the Windows DHCP server. But you say that you cannot do that as you don't have access to your ISPs router. There are a few other ways, such as using NAT as mentioned above. I set many clients up using their ISP DNS server as their forwarders.
Do you need any more help with this issue?
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