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I am attempting to set up a new user to use Peachtree accounting software to complete administrative tasks. This new computer that I set her up with doesnt have the companies custom forms when working with peachtree. I could i set up this user so that the forms are automatically retrieved from our server. Any help is appriciated. Thanks
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The forms are automatically stored where the data is stored.  In our case, it is H:\Peachtree Complete Accounting\Data\Forms.

Now, if you are creating a company that is specifically stored on her computer, you can simply copy the forms from the networked Peachtree form folder and copy them onto her computer.  All you simply have to do is copy the whole folder and paste it.  Say "No" to the overwrite dialog box.

If your user is using the networked Peachtree, the forms should automatically show up.  This is provided that you set the data path to your network data path when installing Peachtree.

On the chance that you didn't do this, you can modify the .ini file to change the data directory for the locally-installed copy of Peachtree.
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