PC freezes if network shares are traversed too quickly

A machine on our network has issues when the user is opening documents from within Word and Excel. All of her documents are stored on a server, which is mapped to an S: drive on her PC. This works fine until she starts whizzing around the S: drive into the many folders (she navigates through them very quickly) at which point the machine eventually fails to respond to double-clicking on any of the folders any more. The 'Open' dialog box says 'Not Responding' and the only option is to switch off the PC.

I have installed the latest network drivers, all of the Office updates and Windows updates to no avail.

It seems to crash due to the sheer speed at which she navigates through the folders, anyone know of a fix?

The PC: Windows XP Pro SP2, Office 2003, 512Mb RAM, P4 3GHz. Server: Windows SBS 2003.
Jim JonesAsked:
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Hmm, this just seems hardware related to me.  Have you considered installing a new network card (preferably a different brand) to see if that makes a difference?

Tell her to slow down a little :)

is her speed full duplex 100 MB? Is she going into a hub? If she is going into a hub then she is on the same collision domain with all of the other computers and this could possibly cause this to happen.

Like masterbaker said try a new NIC if at all possible.


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Jim JonesAuthor Commented:
Good insights guys. It turns out that it was the antivirus software! It couldn't process the files quickly enough and just froze.
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Just curious here...  was it the antivirus software on the server or the client?

I'm glad you got it fixed!

Jim JonesAuthor Commented:
On the client. F-Secure Small Business Suite, the client side part.
Cool - thanks.
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