Free ebook for dot net

Dear Experts

Please give links to download free tutorial/e-book to learn,,

Thanks in advance
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Hai PradapKumar,

First of all I like to appreciate you first for appearing in hall of fame in I hope you enjoy this forum.

As far as ebooks are concerned, there is no free ebooks are available  for dot net lik stuffs. The ebooks are usually copy righted material. This forum (EE) is not a warez forum for asking ebook links. Anyhow you can try some ebook links in  forums such as, etc. But my personal suggestion is to buy books if you like reading.

Best book:
VB.Net in a nutshell
by Steven Roman, Ron Petrusha, Paul Lomax

As far as tutorials are concerned, there are lot of sites available. You can easily search yourself in
You can get a lot of stuff in this forum. My best advice is to start read any one book and start explore yourself and make your hand dirty to practice as much as you can and within no time you will master in these subjects.

The best source code and tutorials:   

MSDN also has free tutorials and How To's in VB.Net

More VB.Net free tutorials, Code-Examples, and Articles links:

you can also check out  then look at the Careers & Training (for tutorials) link on ther Main page

(This got all the samples you want 101 samples in

this is also another good link

I really got all these links from this forum (EE) only.

Best of Luck...

I hope you appreciate this.


The best tutorials I've seen are on  There are a bunch of free tutorial projects that you can get with Visual Web Developer (which is also free)
pradapkumarAuthor Commented:
I wish to get a tutorial to view in off line instead of on line. Pls give link like that.
thanx 4 ur reply.
Cloud Class® Course: Microsoft Office 2010

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deepu chandranCommented:
Thanks for awarding points.

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