Remove Terminal server timeout

How do I remove the timeout when logged in via RDP?  After about 15 minutes, I get disconnected.
Brian CoughterOwnerAsked:
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1.  Click Start->Administrative Tools and select "Terminal Services Configuration"
2.  Click on Connections
3.  Right Click on RDP-tcp.... and select Properties
4.  Click on the "Sessons" Tab
5.  Click on the "Overide User Settings Tab"
6.  Set "End Active Session" to Never

Additionally, I would recommend setting to end a disconnected session to about an hour, to prevent problems with TS Print Redirection.

Additionally, I would recommend you go to the "Server Settings" Folder and set licensing to "Per User", unless you have multiple users connecting from a single client.

Additionally, I would recommend under the "Server Settings" Folder you set the "Restrict each user to one session" to Yes, to prevent one user from using up all your licenses with multiple connections from different machines.

You may also have a Group Policy in one of the OU's set to log off TS sessions after 15 min. and even though this SHOULD override it, if I were you I would find it and get rid of it.

Brian CoughterOwnerAuthor Commented:
How do I keep the server from locking?
Locking?  As in you don't want it to prompt for user name & PW after Idle?  If that's what you're talking about, you would set that in either the Screen Saver, or Group Policy.
Brian CoughterOwnerAuthor Commented:
Right.  Thanks!
NP anything else just ask..

P.S. Thanks for the Points!!
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