upgraded from php 4.2 to 4.3 after server crash - email code not working

upgraded from php 4.2 to 4.3 after server crash - email code not working.  I have a generic php code for a client's website that lets them create web forms without changing the php code.  However, now when the form is submited to the php code, we get an error - FOrbidden you do not have permission to access this document.  The folder and file permissions are rwx r-x r-x.  Ihave changed to 777 (rwx rwx rwx ) and it does not seem to matter.

Here is the code:


$content = "";
$formsent = $url;
while (list ($key, $val) = each ($_POST)) {
    $content .= "'$key' => $val\n";

mail($to_email, $subject, $content, 'From: info@riverbend.com' );
header ("Location: $formsent");


Any advise?
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for these kind of problems, always first check the PHP bug tracking system.
here are some of the problems solved, which may also be in your case:


"Mail not being sent after PHP upgrade"

"mail() not working, I have just upgraded the php version and now mail() will not function?"

please paste the form too
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