Moving from RH Linux to SUSE

I currrently have software that was developed for RH Linux.  I would like to have these programs run on SUSE Linux.  Will the binaries that I have running on RH Linux run on SUSE Linux (without re-compiling) or will I need to get a SUSE development environment and re-compile all my RH programs?  In other words, can I simply copy the RH binaries to the SUSE machine and expect them to work?

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Thats going to be a big "maybe"

It's going to depend on alot of different things. Different applications have different dependencies.

I'd give it a shot, but prepare to recompile if need be.
SuSE is closer to Red Hat then to Debian so you stand a good chance of getting it to work.  Some of the things that may be different are probably environmental- i.e. the location of a database or particular rc startup scripts.  When the big Linux distros get to implmenting LSB 3.0 then you wont have a problem doing that regardless if it is a Red Hat, SuSE, Mandriva, or one of the Debian Common Core (Ubuntu, etc.) distros.

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mromeoAuthor Commented:
Well, then I guess my next question would be is there a gcc/g++ compiler for SUSE Linux?
yes, and it can be installed right from the CDs you download from SuSe
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