How can I verify the details of a service from the command line?

For instance I want to verify that status of the Alerter service is set to disabled.

Is this possible from the command line?


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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:

Also try using the sc command:

Sc.exe uses the following syntax:

Syntax1 (use Syntax1 to run Sc.exe)
sc [Servername] Command Servicename [Optionname= Optionvalue...]
Syntax2 (use Syntax2 to display help information, except for the query command)
sc [Command]

Optional. Specifies the name of the server when you want to run the commands on a remote computer. The name must start with two backslash (\) characters (for example, \\myserver). To run Sc.exe on the local computer, do not supply this parameter.
•      Command
Specifies the sc command. Note that many of the sc commands require administrative privileges on the specified computer. Sc.exe supports the following commands:
Changes the configuration of a service (persistent).

Sends a Continue control request to a service.

Sends a control to a service.

Creates a service (adds it to the registry).

Deletes a service (from the registry).

Enumerates service dependencies.

Obtains the DisplayName for a service.

Obtains the ServiceKeyName for a service.

Sends an Interrogate control request to a service.

Sends a Pause control request to a service.

Queries configuration for the service. For detailed information, see the reference section, "SC QC."

Queries the status for a service, or enumerates the status for types of services. For detailed information, see the reference section, "SC QUERY."

Starts a service

Sends a Stop request to a service.
•      Servicename
Specifies the name given to the Service key in the registry. Note that this is different from the display name (which is what you see with net start command and the Services tool in Control Panel. Sc.exe uses the service key name as the primary identifier for the service.
•      Optionname
The Optionname and Optionvalue parameters allow you to specify the names and values of optional command parameters. Note that there is no space between the Optionname and the equal sign. You can supply none, one, or more optional parameters name and value pairs.
•      Optionvalue
Specifies the value for the parameter named by Optionname. The range of valid values is often restricted for each Optionname. For a list of available values, request help for each command.

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JoshFinkAuthor Commented:
Thanks.. The sc.exe qc alerter works great
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